Wednesday, 6 October 2010

'Limited Press Collective' Group Exhibition

'Limited press Collective' Group Exhibition at 'Weapon of Choice' Gallery

If you don't already know about these guys you must have been walking round with blinkers on looking at the floor..! But if you have here's a little bit of what you can expect from them..! Enjoy

Limited Press is a Bristol based collaborative art and design collective, best known for their large scale murals. As well as producing street art and graffiti, Limited Press also take on a wide variety of design, illustration and art projects.

“We're not overly concerned with categorizing what we do, we make work and take on projects that excite us creatively, that's the bottom line, whether its an exhibition or a design commission we apply the same energy and process of collaboration;a kind of alchemy in itself which characterises our work”.

Given the diverse nature of their work, and their team, the collaborative exhibitions of Limited Press share this interdisciplinary approach, often encompassing elements of installation, sculpture, design and painting. Their upcoming Show at Weapon of Choice Gallery, based on the idea of 'supply and demand' , will be no exception, featuring a collaborative installation by Meek and Kai, as well a new series of wall mounted works by the highly imaginative and unorthodox hand of Long John. A host of other original artworks and editions by the rest of the crew will also be available at the show opening from the 22nd Oct till the 7th of November (Please excuse the flyer typo..!)

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